Supporting charities

Charities#2Euphonix has, for a number of years, supported charitable causes.  Most charities that are chosen either operate in and/or are based in Kingston and the surrounding areas.  This support mainly comprises of dedicating our end-of-term concerts (three each year) to a chosen charity in recognition of the invaluable work they do within our community.  All our concerts are free but we ask our audience for a voluntary donation to the charity.  100% of monies collected go to the supported charity and the costs of the concert are paid for by the Choir.  

In addition to our end-of-term concerts, Euphonix has, over the years, performed at places like the concourse of Waterloo Station in December for national charities (e.g. Scope and CRISIS), and around the borough collecting for similar good causes (e.g. Marie Curie). 

Here are some of the more recent charities that Euphonix has supported with links to their websites (the information will move on every 20 seconds, however you can move onto the next charity by tapping one of the white circles below the current entry).

(page updated 19 Jan 2024)