Euphonix welcomes enquiries.  In order for the right person to answer your enquiry please select one of the three enquiry forms (they appear in the same order using the above tabs).  Each form is dealt with by a different member of the management committee, so please complete the one that is appropriate.

  • Form 1 - Membership enquiry form - please note that there is a waiting list but if you would like to complete the form below we will let you know when a vacancy arises.
  • Form 2 - Request for Euphonix to perform at a local charity (or similar) event
  • Form 3 - General enquiries not otherwise covered on the Euphonix website.

In the message box we would like to hear how you found out about Euphonix (e.g. through family or friends, google search, attending a Euphonix Concert or Euphonix Singing Workshop).