Form 2:
Request Euphonix to perform at a local charity (or similar) event

Euphonix is Kingston-upon-Thames' Community Choir, and subject to sufficient notice will entertain any reasonable request to perform at local events aimed at raising money for good causes.  In the past Euphonix has supported local events like LoveKingston events (14 February), Choirs for Chloe (raising funds for arts activities for children with Down's Syndrome), as well as singing songs for the local blind association and every year performing a selection of carols and other festive music under the clock at Waterloo Station at Christmas.

If you have an event that meets the above criteria please complete the following form.  In the message box

  • give full details of the event (date, time, venue, expected audience size, etc.) and what charity or good causes are being supported; and

  • how you found out about Euphonix (e.g. through family or friends, google search, attending a Euphonix Concert or Euphonix Singing Workshop)

Form 2 - Request for Euphonix to perform at a local charity (or similar) event

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