How the choir is managed

The Euphonix Committee exists because, unlike most choirs, Euphonix is a not-for-profit community group run by volunteers, with a Constitution and a Community Group bank account.  Click on the link below for full details of the Constitution.

All Committee members are choir members, can bring their and other choir members' suggestions and concerns to Committee meetings, and share in collective decisions.

The Committee's main task is to ensure that the choir's income is spent on the Purposes, Aims and Activities set out in our Constitution  (agreed at our first AGM in 2010), which also sets our some basic requirements/rules for the Committee. In essence, the Committee makes decisions on and carries out the general administrative business of the Choir so that our Musical Director (who is a free-lance musician paid out of our income and also attends Committee meetings) can focus on the music, extra/deputy musicians, performances etc.

In addition to the Musical Director there are 7 members of the Committee

  • The Chair
  • The Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Membership Secretary
  • The Social Secretary
  • ICT & Communications Secretary
  • Charity coordinator