Welcome to Euphonix . . .

(page updated 26 Nov 2023)

A warm welcome to you joining the Euphonix Choir family.  This page is specifically designed to welcome new members to the Choir and explain how the website and communications arrangements work.  It may be useful to read this page first before you proceed to sign up to the Euphonix website.

Email communications


Firstly, you may have noticed that the email inviting you to join Euphonix came from admin@e-voice.org.uk and it will be branded by the above image.  The e-voice.org.uk is a system that provides services to charities, small public bodies (e.g. parish councils), the voluntary sector and community groups and organisations like Euphonix.  All email notifications that you receive from Euphonix will be in this format because they will be generated by the service provider who manages the Euphonix website. This may be confusing as you would probably be expecting to get an email ending with our URL (i.e. something@euphonix.org.uk). All communications from the Choir will be from the admin@e-voice.org.uk email address, so if the welcome email has ended up in your “Junk Mail” folder please mark it as safe and move it to your inbox.

How to set up your new account. 

The email that you received from admin@e-voice.org.uk contains a link that will provide you with access to the Members’ area of the Choir’s website.  It is in the form of a temporary password that is linked specifically to the email account that you gave when you applied to join the Choir, and a link that will take you to the Euphonix website. When you activate the link it will ask you to give your email address and then the login password. The easiest thing to do is “copy and paste” the temporary password contained in this email (this is because all passwords and login details used on the system are case sensitive - more about this later).

Once in, the system it will prompt you to create a permanent password of your own choosing - something that is memorable to you; if for any reasons it doesn’t give you this option, the information below will explain how you may change your password. Your password should be easy to remember; but with data security in mind try not to use the same password for multiple sites. If, for any reason, you happen to forget your password there is a reset facility on the front page of our website (see below). Neither the site administrators (from e-voice) nor the local Euphonix administrators have access to your password, nor to your account.

If everything has gone as expected, you should now have access to the Members' Area of the Euphonix website. You should now see that the Navigation (menu) bar now contains a label “Members’ Area”. 

Your Account information & authorising email communications. 

As a new member it is important that you undertake the following once you have logged into the Euphonix website for the first time; it will take less than a minute. You need to confirm that the information the Euphonix website holds about you is correct and you also need to authorise the sending email notifications to your registered email address (this is our only means of making contact with our Members).  The process is very straight forward, and the following explains how to access your website account with Euphonix.

You can only access Your Account once you have logged-in: and to access this part of the website please click on the "head silhouette" in the top right-hand corner of the web-page.  A drop-down box will appear and you need to click "Your account" (not Logout).  You will be presented with 3 tabs. You only need to go into tabs 1 and 3 to check the information (you cannot change any of the information in tab 2). 

(TAB 1) – Your account: Check that your name and email address are spelt correctly. If not, use the edit facilities to effect changes. If you have not been given the opportunity to change your temporary password when you first logged in you can change it here (you may need to paste in the temporary password). In the future if you ever need to change your password or email contact details just return to this tab. For obvious reasons do not delete the account otherwise it will affect your membership of the Choir.

(TAB 3) – Email Preferences: It is a condition of membership that you agree to receive emails from the Euphonix website as this is our primary means of communications. The system does not automatically set you up to receive emails so you need to “check or tick” the last  box on the left-hand side listed at the bottom of the page - “Members' Area: All Notifications” and then on the corresponding right-hand side make sure that the drop down box is shown as “Instant”. All other the other options on this page you can safely leave unchecked, otherwise you will be bombarded with irrelevant email notifications regarding the system (e.g. bug reports, system enhancements, general support and much, much, more).

Once you have made sure that “Your Account” details are correct, please save the changes and return to the main web-page by clicking "Home" on the main Navigation bar.

Getting started . . .

The Navigation (Menu) Bar in the Members' Area is completely different to that in the public area.  For your immediate ease of reference the 3 most important items are

  • Our files;
  • Tom's Musical Notes; and
  • Noticeboard.

Our files contain everything that you need to get started.  There are quite a few areas in this folder, but the first one and perhaps the second folder are the ones you need to concentrate on.  The first folder contains all the current words for the songs being learnt for the term, along with the associated audio files.  There is one folder for each song.  You will also find a printable list of rehearsal times and locations (we're not always in the same place each week).  The second folder is the current list of Euphonix Classics that we sometimes re-invent.  If we are going to learn any songs from the classics folder you will be informed.

Each week Tom publishes under "Tom's Musical Notes" a message relating to the rehearsal.  The system is desgined that once Tom publishes his message an email notification is sent out to everyone.  If you do not regularly get email messages from Tom please check the website for the entry and let one of the Committee know as there may be a problem with the system.  Emails sent out will have the above logo.

The Noticeboard is used by the Chair and others on the Committee for sending out messages to the Choir.  Like Tom's Musical Notes once message is posted on the "Noticeboard" the system automatically generates an email notification. 

The use of email notifications alleviates the need for Members to regularly check the website for updates.

Logging out.

Please log-out of the system when you have finished accessing it.  Click on the head-silhouette in the top right-hand corner and select the logout option.

Logging in / forgotten password.

Each time you login just use your email address and the password that you created. Please remember that both your fields ("Email" and "Voice Password") are case sensitive.  So, if you registered as a.smith1234@domain.co.uk with the Voice Password of Singing1234, the system will not recognise small changes like A.Smith1234@domain.co.uk in the email address nor SINGING1234 in the Voice Password.

If for any reason you have forgotten your password there is a re-set facility on the front page of the website "Forgotten your password >>". Please bear in mind that it is linked to the registered email account.  

Warning ...

Under no circumstances must the "Register now for your login to Voice >>option ever be usedAlthough the image below is a bit hazy it is the section of the Log in screen that is highlighted.  It is used by  other organisations that use the e-voice software under different arrangements, but for Euphonix it serves no purpose whatsoever.  Once you have been sent the secure link to Register with Euphonix and/or Registered as a Member you will already have a login to Voice (& Euphonix) and there is no reason to register again.  There is a bug on the system that causes administrative problems for local administrators; and for those who use this link it is likely to affect their profile on the system.

Login Screenshot


Finally, we hope you enjoy singing with Euphonix and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Euphonix Committee (we are all listed in the Members’ Area).