The Constitution

Agreed by the Steering Committee, January 2009, and ratified by members at the first Euphonix AGM on 20 January 2010. (Minor amendment made to paragraph 9.2 agreed at the AGM on 24 February 2021).

  2. PURPOSES AND AIMS are to:
    1. provide a community choir in Kingston, offering an inclusive, affordable experience of the benefits of singing with others;
    2. increase the social and psychological well-being of a cross-section of the local community, by offering the companionship and enjoyment of singing together, and the opportunity to develop musicality;
    3. become financially self-sufficient, with participants paying what they can when they can.
  3.  THE ACTIVITIES by which the Choir Euphonix will carry out its aims and purposes are:
    1. Weekly rehearsals of a repertoire with a particular emphasis on contemporary and popular songs (including folk and world music), led by a musician;
    2. Rehearsals in central Kingston in an accessible venue;
    3. Occasional public performances, depending on opportunity;
    4. Occasional social events for members, subject to opportunity and funds.
    1. Membership shall be open to all adults interested in the Choir’s aims and activities, on payment of a small annual subscription (up to a maximum number of members depending on rehearsal space).
    2. Members will also be asked to pay per rehearsal, what they can when they can, with an annually agreed suggested rate.
    3. There will be no discrimination in the Choir’s membership or practices on grounds of age, sex or sexuality, race, religion or belief, disability, political affiliation or ability to pay.
    4. Members will not be required to audition or read music.
    5. Every paid-up member shall have one vote at AGMs.
    6. The Committee may refuse to admit as a member or terminate the membership of anyone whose conduct is, in its opinion, inconsistent with the objects or policies of the Choir, as determined by the Committee.
    1. The general business of the Choir shall be administered by the Committee.
    2. The Committee will decide how many meetings it will hold, with a minimum of four meetings a year.
    3. Decisions shall be taken by a majority of votes of the members of the Committee present and voting. If the votes are equal the Chair shall have a casting vote. A quorum shall be three Committee members of whom at least two shall be honorary officers.
    4. No member of the Committee shall benefit from the work of the Choir other than as any ordinary member of the organisation might benefit, allowance being made however for out of pocket expenses.
    5. Members of the Committee will take all due care to deal with money and relate to members and participants with integrity, openness and transparency.
    6. The Committee shall keep Minutes of its meetings.
    7. At the Annual General Meeting of the organisation the members shall elect Honorary Officers of the Committee: Chair, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, and up to five other members of the Committee.
    8. All members of the Committee shall retire from office together at the end of the AGM next after the date on which they came into office, though they may be re-elected or reappointed.
    9. Any vacancy may be filled by co-option to the Committee, subject to confirmation at the next Annual General Meeting.
    1. The funds of Euphonix may only be used to achieve its purposes and aims.
    2. Honorary Officers and Members of the Committee may not receive payment for their services to the Group.
    3. In the event of Euphonix having to be wound up, after payment of liabilities the annual subscription shall be returned to current members, and then all remaining funds shall go to the RoseTheatre to be used for similar community musical activities.
    4. The annual subscription to the Choir shall be set by the Annual General Meeting.
    5. Choir funds and income shall be paid in to an account operated by the Committee for Euphonix. There shall be two signatures on any of the organisation’s cheques. The organisation shall keep accounts of its financial transactions. The accounts shall be examined by a competent person outside the organisation before the AGM.
    1. There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Choir membership of which 21 days notice shall be given to all the members of Euphonix.
    2. Nominations for election to the Committee must be in the hands of the Committee before the Annual General Meeting begins. Should nominations be greater than the number of places available there shall be a vote.
    3. At the Annual General Meeting the Chair will report on the activities of the Choir in the previous year and how Euphonix’ funds have been used to carry out its purposes and aims.
    4. At its Annual General Meeting a Statement of Accounts shall be presented by the Treasurer.
    5. The Annual General Meeting shall be considered valid when one tenth of the number of current members of the Choir are present.
    6. The Constitution of the Choir may be altered when two thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting pass a resolution, which should be submitted and will be sent out with the invitation to attend the meeting 21 days before the AGM.
    7. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting shall be kept.
    1. A Special General Meeting of the Choir may be called when a significant number of people as judged by the Committee believe there should be a meeting.
    2. If the Committee decides that Euphonix should be dissolved it should call a Special General Meeting of all the members, giving 21 days notice. If the proposal to dissolve is confirmed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting the Committee shall pass any assets held by the organisation to a local like-minded body (see 6.3).
    1. The Choir is affiliated to Kingston Voluntary Action.
    2. Euphonix Musical Director(s) may choose to be members of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network.
    3. The Committee may affiliate Euphonix to other arts or voluntary group organisations relevant to its aims and activities.

Downloadable copy of the Constitution is available here.


(Page last updated 1 March 2021)